6 Trends to Watch Out For

2017 is drawing itself to a close and it has been the year of fashion changes and innovation. Trends come and go and thankfully the world of fashion is ever evolving, bringing us some new trends to often look forward to.

Few trends that started decades ago are on the rise again, with detailing and personal designs creating various trend setters. Designers have begun to embrace different fabrics and are moving away from their conventional everyday clothing style.

Let’s take a look 6 top trends that you need to watch out for this season:

1) Athleisure
This year it’s all about being black, grey and white! You will witness a whole new trend in the fashion world. People have started wearing their workout gear to the streets. This can be attributed to your everyday gym regime or the boom of athletic designer wear.

The Athleisure trend can date back to 80’s and since last year and is seeing a heavy comeback in 2017 with various international brands such as Nike, Under Armour, Reebok or India brands such as Scult looking to expand their lines to everyday wear, making it a rage amongst all demographics alike.

A pair of wayfarer sunglasses, structured vintage leather jacket, zip-up nylon jumpers – team them up with those classy sneakers that will give you a sleek sporty time traveller look. Your performance gear is now your everyday attire. Get ready to see some dapper monochrome looks for this year.


2) Stripes

The fashion trends for men keep changing and so do the types of stripes. They are one of the most popular fashion trends which never go out of style, customisable in various design and sizes.

Many guys want to express their style statement with more than just solid colors, but bold patterns can be worrisome to carry off – in order to fight these dilemmas, stripes can be a perfect solution. Stripes can also be more stylish and can set you apart from the masses that would go for regular solid white or blue colors.

Pinstripe pants are very popular. Pair them with a solid shirt, and an overcoat giving you a sophisticated look for your next business meeting.


3) Checks

Timeless patterns, attention grabbing, recurring style – these are some of the names that are usually attributed to elegant checks. A pattern of fabric that lends itself into all manners of designs. From the very classic Prince of Wales to oversized windowpanes. These patterns are famous among the well-known designers and they have included it in some of their best collections.

Checks gave new hope to tailored suits and when it comes to wearing such pattern, one should definitely know their limits. Some men may consider subtle or entry level checks while some may completely restrict themselves in wearing such pattern.

Checks can be experimented at your workplace or you can opt for suits with fine checks with colors such as navy blue or black, especially if you’re looking for something casual and want to maintain that formal look as well. You may call for a windowpane checked blazer with a solid chino and an Oxford shirt that will keep you comfortable without giving you an unfussy look.


4) Suits

Every man’s wardrobe includes 2 or 3 piece suit and they usually come out from their wardrobe during the wedding season. But there is now a dramatic change in styling trends, where people are putting enough time and effort to recreate a lasting statement.

Men’s suits tend to fluctuate especially in popular styles from year to year. Amongst the popular ones, bespoke suits also known as made to measure are making a mark as they are a better fit and provide higher level of comfort.

Single colors are always a viable option but you can go through multiple colors such as tropical cranberry, emerald green that and can be combined with black to create a monotone effect. With a pair of black Oxfords and some basic accessories you are ready to suit up for that perfect occasion.


5) Bandhgala

The upcoming months are lined up with festivities and weddings. As men are engrossed in the preparation, they fail to notice the fashion aspect and do not give much importance to their wardrobe. This is why we have also prepared a small list of Indian ethnic wear – ensuring that you look your best for any occasion.

Bandhgala is an Indianized version of western suit and is very in style because of its royal & elegant look, apt for any ethnic occasion.

Style it with a pair of simple Oxford black shoes and add a pocket square to splash some colors on your attire. Voila!! You are ready for your event.


6) Kurta Pajama

Kurta pajama is the epitome of Indian ethnic wear and is one of those traditional attires that everyone has in their wardrobe.

You can always experiment with a kurta, it offers you wide array of fabrics from linen to cotton that will keep you cool. Also, try incorporating your kurta with a Nehru jacket, giving you a chic edge over the rest of the crowd.

With so much variety of fashion trends that have been lined up for this year. Step up to the streets with confidence and style.

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