A Complete Guide to This Wedding Season

Finding that ideal mate is not an easy task and acquiring a perfect suit for a wedding occasion can be much more nerve cracking. Wedding shopping is one of the most complicated things. And when it’s the time for the D-Day, it becomes more confusing because you are flooded with opinions and requests.
When it comes to the wedding day everyone prefers to have that spotless formal look. Creating a cloud of confusion whether to go for a two piece modern suit or an ethnic. But when it comes to expressing personal style, we recommend that you do not confine yourself to just one type, rather explore.
The best thing about Indian weddings are the food, fun and colors and it consists of several events such as cocktail party, mehendi, sangeet night, wedding and reception making it a grand fest.
Whether you’re at your best friend’s wedding or if you’re the groom, an elegant look is what everyone desires for. Which is why we made a complete guide for this season’s wedding.


1. Cocktail Party

It’s a never ending chaos filled with joy and excitement especially when your friends make plans for cocktail party. Cocktail parties are supposed to be relaxed occasions and when the invitation asks for attire. It’s a relatively formal dress code and there is always room for creativity. We recommend a dark or mid gray suit with a white or muted color shirt which will be a safest bet.
While choosing the accessories one should go for neck ties with subtle patterns and a pocket square that will splash some color to your attire. Try an Oxford black shoe so that you won’t embarrass your otherwise suave cocktail suit.


2. Sangeet

In this traditional dance ceremony, one may go for simple outfits as men may have to participate during the occasion, which leaves no room for dingy and ill fitted attires. One should always look for something that is simple.
Kurta Pajama, an Indian outfit which is comfortable to wear, easy to carry around and suitable for all weather could be the perfect attire for a sangeet ceremony. While choosing the fabric, it should be breathable enough so that you stay cool as it is an outdoor ceremony. You can play with different colors but they should be kept subtle.
Adding a Nehru jacket teamed up with Indian jutis would be like icing on the cake. With plenty of shades and color you have endless options. Add a pocket square to get that fresh and elegant look.


3. The Wedding

After craziness of the Sangeet (and the hangover), it’s time for you to cool down because the biggest day has arrived. As this day is the main ceremony, we know you will be flooded with endless options and recommendation from your friends and family.
But our suggestion would be, to keep it simple. If you’re at your friend’s wedding we recommend you stick to Indian roots, wear a customized and well-tailored Bandhgala for the occasion and add a pocket square or a Sherwani accessory that will definitely grab a lot of attention.
But when it comes to your wedding day, all rules are thrown out except that you have to look good. Sherwanis would be the best option as it will give you a royal look. Pair them with Indian jutis as they will match your outfit. Pastel colors with minimal embroidery would never go out of style and don’t forget to experiment with some different hues such as dusty rose or matte green that will definitely give you a jazzy feel.


4. Wedding Reception

The reception is usually held during the evenings and it is more of westernized affair and if you’re looking for something sophisticated, try a classic tailor fitted suit which would look stylish and subtle. A black or navy blue colored suit will bring the best out of you giving you a perfect elegant look. An inner jacket can go very well with your suit.
Compliment your wedding suit by going for the right accessories such as lapel pins, cuff-links, pocket squares that will give you a dapper look.
Indian weddings are a celebration of style with an explosion of colors. Go out and wear those clothes that will reflect happiness in a momentous occasion like a wedding. We hope this guide will suit you up for this upcoming wedding season.


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