A Smashing Guide On How To Accessories

It’s time for you to step outside of your comfort zone and shed away those notions that your run of the mill suit and lone pair of dress shoes will suffice. Because there is more to looking good than that done to death ensemble!
Accessories are the details that will refine your look and give you an edge among others, increasing your style quotient. You can always invest some time and effort to embellish your outfit to give you that sharp, sleek and elegant look.
Accessorizing is as important as choosing the color or material for your outfit – making a huge difference to your persona and imbibing it with elegance and style.

Here’s a guide on how to perfectly match those accessories:

The right tie will elevate any look and is integral to looking like a gentleman. From patterns, design and the material, no matter what suit you’re wearing, you must carefully look at each aspect of the tie to complete your ensemble.
When it comes to ties we recommend not to go for patterns or designs that have cartoon themes or more than three colors, unless you are planning to crash a costume party. The less colors you have, the sleeker you look.
While choosing the right tie, one should always keep in mind that it should match the color, style and fit of your shirt and suit. For example if you are wearing a black suit with a white shirt, a solid black tie should always be your first choice.


Lapel Pins:-

A lapel pin is worn on the lapel (the part immediately below the collar which is folded back) of a suit and is the smallest fashion accessory that can be wore almost anytime. The lapel pin comes in various designs giving you endless options. Floral ones are the most popular and can be worn during special occasions such as weddings, thus giving you an elegant touch.

Just remember to keep them small and subtle so that it doesn’t create any distraction from your outfit.


Pocket Squares:-

Add a dapper touch to your outfit with a pocket square, which is typically used as a stylish accessory and placed inside the breast pocket of a suit. They come in different hues, size and patterns, giving a splash of color to your favorite attire.

Just like ties, they need to be complemented with different shades. The most popular way to choose a pocket square is to match it with the colour of your tie. There are no particular rules however, so play around with this accessory till you feel like it’s complimenting the outfit and making a bold statement.



Cufflinks are one of the simplest pair of accessories that should not be overlooked and can be added to your daily suit with relative ease. It is the smallest detailing object that can transform your style quotient and redefine your persona.

Cufflinks come in various styles thus giving you the liberty to choose across endless options of design and facade. Gold and silver are some of the easy picks, however cufflinks are best kept classy – it isn’t a surprise then to see that most cufflinks are a sentimental token or gift in each gentleman’s wardrobe. But we would like to remind you that they can only be worn with French cuff shirts.

Have fun choosing your cufflinks and wear them with confidence.



When it comes to belt nobody gives a second thought because it is one of the simplest accessories which is well hidden for more people. But with belts, there is certainly more than meets the eye.

A simple leather belt can save your attire and avoid any fashion faux-pas. Big buckles will ruin your overall look, especially if you’re wearing a slim suit. When picking the color, make sure the leather matches the color of your shoes. A black leather belt is always acceptable for all your attires and is also the most popular choice, however a nice tan brown can look just as good.

If you are looking for a more formal and crisp look, the answer is black and the belt should be of high quality so that it lasts a lifetime. Simplicity is the answer to menswear Custom Menswear.



When it comes to shoes, it’s the basic foundation of accessorizing which sometimes comes as an afterthought, leading to overall disaster in spite of a carefully considered suit. The process of finding the right footwear should always be thoughtfully guided, making your attire into a spectacular one.

Nothing works better than black Oxfords – making it almost necessary for every man to own a pair. Basic laced up shoes are also the safest choice and can easily blend in with any formal attire.  We would also recommend exploring other color and style such as brown colored brogues, pair them with navy blue suit to perfect that dandy look.

For slimmer fit suits, one should always ensure that the shoe is slim as well. A wide chunky and square toe shoe kills the entire look. As we have mentioned earlier your footwear and belt ideally should be the same color.


The class and elegance of a gentleman is certainly not out of reach, just a few accessories to give you that dapper look. Invest your time and money wisely, follow these simple steps and be surprised to see next time you don a suit Best Tailored Suit In Delhi.

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