Men’s suits never go out of style, it represents class, sophistication, elegance and authority. It is also defined as a quintessential uniform, as it enhances the physical attributes and contours of your physique.

Unfortunately, many don’t know how a suit should fit them – an ill-fitted suit can hinder both, your looks and confidence. Read the entire article to understand the basics of how a suit should fit, and how to avoid the blunders that most men make. Before we get into the details, it’s time for you to upgrade to bespoke suits or Custom Tailored Suits.

Bespoke or made to measure suits are tailored according to your accurate measurements. It will be crafted according to your aesthetics, from buttons to pockets. But the story does not end here, there are many considerations to a bespoke suit such as the collar, shoulder, chest or sleeves, which we shall delve into in this blog.

Let’s get into specific so that you can achieve that perfect fit.


The most common mistakes that you will see in a suit is how the collar stands away from the neck, making it appear high or disproportionate. Or it may be too low thus revealing too much of your shirt.
The collar of the suit should hug the neck and at its back, it should be at a height of half an inch from your shirt collar. That would make for a dapper appearance.

The most common error you will come across in a suit is that the shoulders are too wide. And while lifting your arms in day to day activity, they might expose too much of the shirt. Another issue that is related to shoulders is wrinkle, this usually happens when a jacket doesn’t fit across your shoulder and does not match the posture of your body causing bulges across the suit. The line of shoulders should be straight and be perfectly aligned with the end of the suit’s shoulder pads.

The chest of your suit should not be too tight or loose. The lapels should not bulge nor should they be pulled on your chest. Rather they should lie flat on the chest and create a small gap between the stomach region.

The sleeves of your suit should not be baggy or boxy, it makes the wearer’s arm appear like a cylinder. It should essentially be trimmed but not so trim that it becomes too tight for you.
Many men have suits with sleeves that are too long, which is why the sleeves should hang straight from shoulder to wrist. The proper length is dependent on the length of your shirt and is crucial to make a dandy appearance without looking dishevelled.

Just like the sleeves of your suit, your trousers should also be trimmed. Wearing a baggy trouser creates an extremely unappealing look.
The general rule for wearing trousers is that they should not be tight, you have to make sure that you are able to sit down comfortably and there is no restriction on any type of movement. Another important factor is that it should be worn higher than jeans or chinos, which means that they should sit anywhere between your waist or right below the belly button.
One thing you should always remember – your suit will not just create an image of you, but it also will also make people perceive how you feel about yourself.

There you have it! Now you know everything about what your next bespoke ensemble should be – why not give it a go? Call +91 8130011561 or visit our Contact Us section and let us take care of all these points discussed while you sit back and get ready to dazzle this wedding season!