Why Custom Tailoring?

How do you define the modern man? He is smart and sophisticated, exudes confidence and purpose, genteel yet commanding – and all these virtues are manifested with the way he presents himself and suits up. The rising trend in men’s fashion is bespoke or Custom Tailored Suits. For a time, bespoke menswear signified exquisite detail and luxurious fabrics, something that only the rich and fabulous were privy to indulge in, but now custom tailoring and bespoke menswear is redefined – it has become a growing trend, especially among the young professionals and entrepreneurs who are opting to look dapper and unafraid to make a statement.


To understand what is a bespoke suit, the answer lies within the word itself. A bespoke suit is one of a kind handcrafted garment, which is tailored and perfected according to a client’s requirements and design. The word ‘bespoke’ refers to cloth that’s been ‘spoken for’ or reserved. Any man can stumble into a retail store and pick up a readymade garment, but when it comes to style and confidence, there’s no match for the perfect suit that has been handcrafted.



We give you 5 reasons why you should get a bespoke suit and dress like a gentleman and look beyond the ordinary.

  • The Best Quality Guaranteed

Anyone who regularly adorns ready-made suits knows that over the course of a few months, the garment starts to fade out with frayed stitching, worn out shoulders and knees. However, bespoke suits that are handcrafted ensure that you select from some of the finest fabrics where quality and longevity is guaranteed. Here our expert tailors understand your style and advice you vis-à-vis the cuts, fit and design. A bespoke suit is a handcrafted masterpiece, unlike ready-made suits, where special attention and detailing is given to every element of the garment.

  • The Perfect Fit

A bespoke suit is cut and stitched with exact measurement of your body, which will fit you like a leather glove. Our tailors shall measure you right down to the last detail so that every aspect of the garment fits you perfectly without any compromise. By that we means that your suit won’t be hanging loosely or your pants won’t transform into 90s inspired teenage baggies, rather they would be at your right length and the shoulders would be sleek and sharp, accentuating the natural contours of your body.

  • The Fashion Statement

The department stores are filled with wide range of suits and almost look similar with different sizes, but is it the right place for you if you looking for something in season and according to the latest fashion trends? Custom made suits however will give you the freedom to adjust the width of the lapel, number of buttons for your suit, cuffs and much more. This means there are no restrictions to customize your suit, giving you the control to make your mark in the crowd.

  • Value for Money

Spending money on a perfect suit is a smart investment and if you are looking for quality, detail and superiority, a custom made suit is something that you can always look upto and rely on for years to come. A bespoke suit focuses on the quality of the fabric and detailing of the stitching thus there is no room for compromise. It is time that the myth around custom-made clothing being unreasonably expensive be dispelled!

  • The Time spent

The moment anyone mentions ‘tailoring’, the very first inhibition that comes to mind is that it is a very time consuming process – but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Measurements and fittings are now faster processes and our master tailors are attuned to your busy schedule, thereby creating your suits at a faster pace, ready for any event that you would be attending in the near future. Our consulting services let you decide on the time as per your convenience, letting you enjoy the process leisurely and at your own pace.

A handcrafted bespoke suit offers you a world of comfort, confidence and longevity. For those who are looking for quality above everything else, KustomEyes brings you an avenue that shall enrich your persona yet keep it economical. Call us today to understand more about the various services we can offer, and we guarantee that bespoke luxury and elegance shall be yours to have.

Thoughtfully Tailored, At Your Convenience.

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